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Developing Innovative Strategies



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CPPI provides Canadian and international organizations with worry-free government procurement consulting services to create personalized solutions for clients in a timely manner.


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CPPI takes the pain out of procurement for clients to get the results and opportunities needed to grow their businesses through government procurement.


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CPPI’s bilingual personal care approach ensures government procurement specialists meet client needs with the highest quality of services and facilitate government procurement language.


Canadian Perspectives Professional Inc. (CPPI) is a small, focused, and dedicated team of public and private sector procurement specialists that help businesses and not-for-

profits successfully navigate and meet Canadian, provincial-territorial, and broader public sector procurement requirements.

With only one procurement officer per seven Canadian municipalities, there is a shortage of knowledge and skills in government procurement. That is why we are here.

We make complicated government procurement requirements simple by providing a concierge service that is focused on your individual needs. We provide straightforward solutions for clients in a timely manner.

We have the procurement knowledge, expertise, and relationships to guide companies and not-for-profits through registration, market research, application for appropriate procurement instruments, and assist them in obtaining a security clearance. We provide training so our clients can maintain the momentum and continue being successful. We are also connected to other procurement professionals who can assist businesses to prepare their government procurement proposals.




"We wanted to work with the provincial and federal government but were always pushed back by the amount of paperwork and language used. We were never able to overcome that hurdle until we met CPPI. With so many years of experience, CPPI knew exactly what to do and how to do it. We saved lots of money and time by their services. They registered our company and services with both platforms and trained us on how to use these platforms and programs to be successful. Aside from that, CPPI is positive, energetic, and brings priceless fresh ideas and guidelines to our sales team.

  We highly recommend CPPI services to any company thinking of providing services or products to the federal or provincial government.”

President & Co-founder of Zodiac Light Waves

Hesam Mahdavi

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