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Why choose Canadian Perspectives Professional Inc. (CPPI)?

Government procurement organizations and large procurement consulting companies can leave

you feeling generalized and neglected in the complex government procurement process.

This stems from:

  • Large consulting companies with high volumes of client applications for government

       procurement instruments and limited focus on their client’s needs.

  • Large consulting companies who are having difficulty retaining talented procurement


  • Limited government procurement consulting companies to choose from.

  • A shortage of government procurement officials to respond to public procurement requests.

Bilingual Personal Care Approach

Signing a Contract

CPPI is dedicated to facilitating a smooth and worry-free government procurement experience for our clients.

We provide a bilingual Personal Care Approach to meet customers’ needs with the highest quality services by:


  • Understanding the unique needs and concerns of our clients.


  • Providing a personalized concierge service focused on our clients’ distinctive requests and needs.

  • Communicating with our clients directly and clearly in a timely manner.

  • Developing trusting lifetime relationships with our clients and guiding them every step of the way through international, Canadian, provincial, territorial, and municipal government procurement processes.


  • Answering our clients’ procurement questions and demystifying government procurement language.

  • Preparing guidance documents and providing training so our clients are self-sufficient in government procurement.

  • At the end of the day, our clients receive tangible results and outcomes that create new opportunities to grow their business in the government procurement domain.

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