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Since December of 2020, we’ve tirelessly provided clients with bilingual Concierge Government Procurement Services to gather essential documents needed to register for government procurement instruments in a timely manner.

Zodiac Light Waves (ZLW)


  ZLW is an established Canadian IT company. For three years, they were unable to register for government procurement instruments that would diversify their business.

After years of endless frustration, ZLW contacted us about their government procurement issues and we immediately began working on concrete solutions for them.

  Our procurement specialists used their knowledge and expertise to quickly register ZLW for government procurement instruments and get them the appropriate documents needed to do business with the Ontario government

Within a matter of weeks CCPI’s team was able to:

  • Register ZLW with the Ontario government’s Bravo Solutions procurement E-Portal.

  • Obtain their provincial and federal security clearances.

  • Complete ZLW’s due diligence process with Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

  • Register them for three PSPC procurement categories.

Supercom Industries LTD


  Supercom Industries LTD is an Indigenous-owned business that provides employment

opportunities for the six proximate First Nations communities near the East-West Tie (EWT) project. The EWT project involves the construction of a new transmission line near Thunder Bay. The line crosses through several municipalities and First Nations along the north shore and will provide a dependable source of electricity and support future economic development.

  The EWT project provides an opportunity for Indigenous businesses looking to gain

government procurement contracts. Supercom Industries LTD. saw the opportunity for

Indigenous communities and contacted us quickly about the procurement process.

Within a few weeks, we gathered the same government procurement documents and provided them with the same services as ZLW, AND:


  • Registered Supercom Industries LTD. as an aboriginal business with Indigenous Services



  • Registered Supercom Industries LTD. to offer procurement services to Defence Construction Canada.